At FREEMOOVEMENT we love hearing feedback and being able to respond to what our participants and the community both need and want.

As a result of this we are launching a new type of FREEMOOVEMENT, aimed at those people who want to get started and be more physically active.

We know the most difficult part to leading a healthy lifestyle and being active can be finding the right place to begin – that is welcoming, supportive, encouraging, and gives you a real sense of achievement for your bravery and dedication in making that first step.  We also know that it’s much easier to stick with something when you have a group of people that are at the same level of ability, who help and encourage you to keep going when you lack motivation. With all this in mind, our aim is to reach out and give you that helping hand to making things happen.


Similar to the hugely successful national Couch to 5k campaign, that encourages people to begin to get active and sets a target of reaching that 5km run, FREEMOOVEMENT LIGHT will be the starting point for those who see the current sessions we deliver as a step too far.

When does it start?

The sessions take place on Thursday evenings starting 18.30. The sessions will last between 45 – 60 minutes and will involve walking and light resistance-band work. The aim will be to increase heart rate, improve cardiovascular fitness, and build muscular endurance to help strengthen the arms, legs and core. If this all seems scary don’t worry! We have the most amazingly lovely, inclusive and supportive leaders and volunteers that will be with you every step of the way, quite literally.

There will also be a chance for a tea, coffee, cake and a chat after each session as we love the social element of getting together to be active.

So if this is something that you are keen on getting involved in, we will be having a launch and registration event on Tuesday 30th April, when you can come along and meet our volunteers, and find out exactly what will be going on. (Full details soon).


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