At FREEMOOVEMENT we hate standing still, it’s just NOT in our name or nature. As a result, we want to offer opportunities for people to get active by connecting with and supporting others. With this in mind we are have training up 10 volunteers to lead leisure rides in order to get people on their bikes enjoying the best Exeter and Devon has to offer.


FREEWHEELIN’ – The Programme

The aim of the programme is to encourage people to start cycling through low level introductory rides.

This scheme will be supported by Ride On , a local bike charity who fix, repair and sell on reconditioned bikes to give people an entry level point from which to access cycling. Rides will initially take place from Exeter Quay and use the traffic free cycle lanes that straddle the Exe Estuary.

The cycling programme will be gradual and progressive and involve different activities along the routes such as family stop offs at local play parks for children, explorations of local nature reserves, cake and coffee breaks at pubs and cafes, beach-based activities, picnic’s and much more. We will also have themed rides that will coincide with national and international events.

Meet point  Meet time  Level  Duration Terrain
Rockfish Piazza 16/07-18.15 Easy / Beginner 60-90 mins Traffic free  path
Ride On 18/07-18.15 Easy / Beginner 60-90 mins Traffic free path
Ride On 20/07-12.00 Easy/ Moderate 120-150 mins Traffic free path

FORM TIME – If you want to let us know that you are keen to take part in FREEWHEELIN’ and enjoy the best Devon has to offer on two wheels, then please complete the Expression of Interest (E.O.I.) form

We hope that as a result of the leisure rides people will gain confidence and want to start using their bikes more regularly, ditching the car and making more sustainable travel choices for themselves, friends and families.

We additionally hope that people will be more active, enjoy being outside feeling the wind through their hair and the sun on their face while benefiting from a general improvement in well-being.

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