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We are really excited to be launching our new campaign this Autumn and hope that lots of our current members and new recruits will really get involved and stuck in to  “THE 100 CLUB”.

The aim is to get people more active and engaged in their community by attending at least 2 of our sessions a week and therefor being active for at least 100 minutes a week. This is particularly important for less active people as the largest health benefits are gained from transitioning from being inactive to completing 100 minutes of activity per week, as shown by the graph below.


In order to “Dangle the carrot” and reward people for their hard work we have a brand new, hot off the press T-shirt that people can receive, for a donation, if they complete the 100 minutes for 6 out of the next 8 weeks. The campaign starts on Monday the 3rd September and runs until Saturday 27th October. This will help people build our sessions into a healthy lifestyle and routine.

It’s important that you register and bring along your membership barcode so we can keep track of your attendance in order to be eligible for a T-Shirt. So REGISTER NOW!

Finally, all our sessions can be found here and below you will see a cheeky picture of two of our volunteers, Lena and Khaled modelling our new T shirt at the St Thomas festival.