Weekly Sessions


We currently deliver 11 session across 6 parks within Exeter. These are during weekday evenings starting at 18.30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as well as on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 09.00. Specific sessions, times and parks are listed below.

You are welcome to come to any session in any park, and we encourage people from different parts of the city to explore and meet residents in different areas.

All sessions are led by qualified volunteers and if you would like to join our passionate team of volunteers get in touch.  More volunteers = More session in More Parks = A Healthier city.

If you click the park name you will see a map linked to the park for directions:

Cowick Barton Playing fields (St Thomas)

18.30 –  Monday and Wednesday

Belmont park (Newtown)

18.30 – Tuesday and Thursday

Digby Park (The Kryangle)

18.30 – Tuesday & 09.00 – Saturday (Starting on 23 April 2019) 

West Garth road park 

18.30 Thursday 09.00 Sunday (Starting on 28 April 2019)

St Thomas Pleasure grounds (St Thomas)

09.00 – Saturday morning

18.30 – Thursday  (FREEMOOVEMENT LIGHT session)

People are welcome to come to any of the sessions regardless of where they live.

If you would like more detail please email freemoovement@hotmail.com